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Building the community through music


- ROCKSO's EKKQUINOX Steel Band is a weekend and afterschool music program for youth. Based in Rockland County, NY the program provides subsidized music education on the steel drum instrument.

Students are taught music theory and composition as well as instrument-specific techniques and allowed a safe and fun environment to learn and grow. The band has performed in venues all over the Tri-State area learners of all level are encouraged to engage in exhibitions and live performances.

Love Life

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission extends beyond just music. It is about creating a sense of unity, diversity and mutual respect. Only when we come together as a community do we realize how minimal our differences are. Music is simply the universal language in which this conversation can be had. 

Our Vision

It is our vision to bring awareness to the steel drum for the beautiful and versatile musical instrument that it is. We also strive to promote the music and culture of the Carribean and greater African diaspora to a wider audience. 


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